Do what you love and love what you do | Be Your Own Boss Motivation


Do what you love and love what you do | Be Your Own Boss Motivation

Do what you love and love what you do… Do you do what you love and do you love what you do? Yes? No?

In this post I’m going to share with you why answering these questions is essential!

hello I’m your host Kaycinho I’m a digital Alchemist and today I want to talk about doing what you love and loving what you do.

Do what you love and love what you do?

Do what you love and love what you do?

You’ve probably already seen videos or read posts about “doing what you love and the money will follow” but today I want to go a little bit deeper .

It’s not just about money. I understand money is great though. We all want money and that’s that’s fine. Money can help you live a better life that’s for sure but if money is the only reason you’re doing things, then what about your life purpose?

Do you really think that you’re going to be happy because you’re the richest person on earth? If you think that then tell me why do we see so many rich people that are depressed and unhappy about their lives although they have everything?

And once again don’t get me wrong I’m all about making money and I don’t think money is bad. On the contrary I think money is really good when you know how to use it and when you can do good around you with it and good for yourself.

The Do what you love philosophy is more than juse a nice quote. It’s a mindset change.

Do what you love: the reality

I see so many people that hate their jobs. They hate their jobs but they keep on going because fear is a very powerful feeling and most of the time people don’t act – based on fear.

I used to be like that!

For example at one point in my life I knew I wanted to change things: I didn’t like my job so I switched jobs but I didn’t like the new job either. Also I didn’t like the fact that it was raining all the time in the place I lived, so I knew somewhere inside that I wanted to go and live in a sunny place. I knew that I wanted to not only change jobs but start my own business.

But guess what happened? Nothing because I was just procrastinating on the idea and I was just waiting. And what happens then is: years passed by…

Luckily for me some circumstances in my life made my comfortable life not so comfortable anymore so I really started thinking deeper and I got into personal development. That’s where things started to change.

Do what you love: the aha moment

Do what you love: the aha moment

I remember one episode that really struck me. I was talking to an old person and that person was so sad about one thing… She regretted something that she never did in her life when she could have done it and she was so sad! She told me: “Whatever you do in your life have no regrets if you reach my age.“.

Gary Vaynerchuk talked about that as he said that the only thing that really scares him is to have regrets. And actually he said everyone should go and work one day in a nursing home for retired people because the eyes of the people that are full of regrets will make you take action.

Because as long as you breathe there is hope but when you reach a point where you’re almost at the end of your life that’s when regret comes and can strike you hard. I’m not saying that if you’re 60 or 70 life is over because I completely believe that it’s not really about the ages but more about the condition you’re in. I’ve seen some 70 year old people or even 80 years old people that are fit but here I’m all talking about health.

So if you don’t want to have any regrets you need to start acting and that’s my message for you today!

The input I got that day from that person completely changed my perspective.

And that’s how I moved away like almost 11,000 kilometers away from where I used to live.

Do what you love: take action!

Do what you love: take action!

I actually quit my job, I moved and it wasn’t easy because I only had money to hold for a few months with no job going where I was going. It was really a risk but guess what? If you want to live a better life, if you want to live an exciting life at one point you’re going to have to take some risks.

I’m not talking about being foolish and just quitting your job and taking a plane ticket to Hawai and just go there and see what happens…

Yes you could do that but I’m not sure it’s gonna work out like that instead what you could do is say: “Okay I know I want to go and live in Hawaii okay I’m gonna set a date let’s say a year from now or six months or two years from now.“. Set a date because as long as you haven’t set any date it’s not real

Set a date because as long as you haven’t set any date it’s not real

You could even purchase your plane ticket in advance because that would materialize your intention to do things.

Let’s say that you decided you’re going to move in a year from now then you have one year to prepare. If you’re gonna start your own business you better start preparing right away!

Prepare, prepare, prepare

That’s what I did. Changing my whole life wasn’t easy at first I’m not gonna lie but I’m so happy that a decision was made and I’m so happy that I moved!

I’m so happy that I started my own business because one thing I know is I won’t have any regrets when I’m old.

Life isn’t short of hardships but one thing I know is I’m happy because where I live it’s sunny all year long and that’s what I wanted.

But maybe for you that’s not important. Maybe for you it’s all about being close to your family. Maybe you want to be nearby the ocean or maybe you want to be nearby horses. Whatever your dream is, only you can start walking working towards making that dream real.

Do what you love: have a strategy

Do what you love: have a strategy

I don’t know what your dream is but I know one thing if you just sit on the sofa and you just wait hoping something it’s gonna happen, well… Nothing’s gonna happen! If you don’t do anything I mean.

You could always hope to win the lottery but if your whole strategy is to win the lottery there’s nothing I can do for you.

Now if you want a real strategy: just be honest to yourself.

What do you want in life? Let’s put the money aside for a moment: let’s say you had all the money in the world, what would you like to do every day for the rest of your life?

When you can answer that question then you have part of the solution already because then you can start walking towards your destination but if you don’t know where your destination is then you’re just wandering about…

I want to encourage you today because it is possible: all you need to do is to get started! You need to set a date, you need to have a plan. And you need to work on your plan each and every day.

You must believe that it is possible.

I often think about the Wright brothers who are famous for being the first men to actually fly airplanes. Now I don’t know about you but can you just try to imagine you you were one of the first men to fly an airplane? I mean with everybody around you telling you that you’re crazy and that you’re gonna die. And yet that didn’t stop those men from fulfilling their life’s purpose.

If you have a life purpose then you’re gonna love what you do and eventually even to be doing what you love. Of course, not everybody is gonna create groundbreaking inventions but if you can already change your life to the point where you actually enjoy what you do, you’re gonna be so different from the majority of the people!

Because look around you. And when I say look around you I’m not talking about looking at Instagram and social media where everybody seems to be happy and living the the the Jetset life.

Nope. I’m talking about the people around you you know your colleagues people in your family or if you commute by a train just listen to what people are saying (not nice I know!). Most people hate their lives, at least when it comes to their professional lives. So if you manage to make your life enjoyable then you’ve already set yourself apart from the majority of the people!

Do what you love: embrace your life purpose

Do what you love: embrace your life purpose

What I wish by making this kind of content is that more and more people start to embrace their life purpose. Having both a life purpose and the money that comes with it should be your goal.

But if you just want the money, at one point you’ll realize you’re empty and then you’re gonna start working on your life purpose. So why wait? Why not starting your journey with that in mind from the get go? Because if you enjoy what you do, you will get that excitement not many people experience in their professional lives.

I’m so excited about my work! I even have to refrain myself from thinking about it on the weekend for example. Because there are so many things I want to try.

But for most people, when comes Monday, or more precisely Sunday around 6 p.m, people start thinking about work but in a negative way. Ask your colleague how they feel on a Monday morning and you may well get a “like a Monday” kind of answer.

Start loving Mondays again

I love Mondays! I’m excited by my Monday’s. I’m excited on Tuesdays, on Wednesdays… You get the idea.

I’m not saying that every day is easy because I sometimes come across negative people or across difficulties but I love what I do, so the next day I’m happy to come back. I’m happy to look for solutions and I’m thankful that I get to choose my own hours!

That being said I work a lot because when you’re you’re your own boss you have to go and look for money. It won’t just fall into your bank account even if you’ve worked hard. You have to go for it! It’s a challend but at least I get to make my own choices. I get to choose my own hours.

So I really want to encourage you to embrace what you want to become.

Just write it on the on a sheet of paper or wherever you want, on Google Docs or wherever but write it down.

You need to look at that document every day.

And if you don’t know what you want in life then start with that question. You’ll find a lot of resources online about finding your life purpose and I’ll probably make a post about that.

My wish for you is that you don’t end your life with regrets!

Do what you love: your turn!

Do what you love: your turn!

So if this post could help you make a decision to start changing your life around and work towards your goals then I’m so happy and I’m so excited for you because for me, this was the best decision I took in my life and that’s what I wish for you too.

So if you liked the companion video please give it a thumbs up as it really helps growing my channel and if there are any questions that I could help with just let me know in the comments.

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So, I hope you enjoyed it, and in the meantime, don’t forget to invest in YOUR success!

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