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Wirementor - the ultimate prototyping kit for E.Pro

Thank you for your interest in my partner program. I’m constantly on the lookout for quality affiliate partners to market my products.

As a WireMentor partner you receive a 50% commission from sales of the “Wirementor – the ultimate prototyping kit for E.Pro” on Digistore24.

The complete package includes a script that empowers website creators using the Elementor Pro theme builder to quickly prototype websites. The tool can be used on unlimited websites.  A demo can be seen online.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • create websites much faster by prototyping smarter
  • stop re-inventing the wheel and cut the number of tools needed
  • craft beautiful prototypes even without design knowledge
  • craft custom websites, thus potentially charging higher fees
  • spend less time, thus potentially increasing your profit margins

Wirementor costs

  • 95€ (tax included) for the yearly fee
  • 195€ (tax included) for the lifetime fee

You receive 50% of the net proceeds

– minus VAT as well
– minus the payment processor Digistore24’s commission

Sample calculations

Sample calculation for the purchase price of €95 (tax included), for a purchaser based in Great Britain:

  • VAT 20%: €15.83
  • Digistore24’s commission (7.9% + €1): €8.50
  • Partner share: €35.33
  • Kaycinho share: €35.33

Sample calculation for the purchase price of €95 (tax included), for a purchaser based in Germany:

  • VAT 19%: €15.17
  • Digistore24’s commission (7.9% + €1): €8.50
  • Partner share: €35.66
  • Kaycinho share: €35.66

And the best part? If your leads renew the yearly plan, you get yearly commissions!

I value my audience and customers and only want to bring the best to them, as you may expect from any entrepreneur with ethics.

Therefore, here are the conditions to accepted and maintained as an affiliate:

Scope of the relationship

Once approved, the relationship is between you and Kaycinho.com. 

  • You do not have the right to share your account
  • You do not have the right to have sub-affiliates
Promotional materials and intellectual property
  • we reserve our Intellectual Property Rights
  • we provide our affiliates a limited, temporary, non-exclusive, non-transferrable, non-sublicensable license to use our brand name, and promotional materials, and such license is limited only to the use in promoting our products and services with our permitted banners

You are expected to:

  • only act in a legal, bona fide manner
  • not infringe on any intellectual property right
  • not act in any deceptive practice
Malicious use


  • do not use the Kaycinho brand name in any in paid advertising (for example PPC)
  • do not use the Wirementor brand name in any in paid advertising (for example PPC)
  • do not use the Elementor brand name in paid advertising (for example PPC)

Weekly, biweekly and monthly payments are all possible.
Please find Digistore24 affiliate info by clicking this link.

Termination and suspension

You are expected to:

  • only act in a legal, bona fide manner
  • not infringe on any intellectual property right
  • not act in any deceptive practice

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your affiliation with Kaycinho.com at any time by providing you a notice, via Digistore24.com.

Any breach of the present conditions will result in the immediate suspension or termination of your account.

In case of any breach of these conditions that may hurt the Kaycinho.com and Wirementor.com brands and websites, we reserve the right to pursue legal action.

Promolink and tracking

  1. Create your personal promolink (see below)
  2. Inform your contacts about Wirementor using the promolink – for example via email, newsletter, Facebook, website banner, etc. 
    Promotional materials are provided below
  3. When one of your contacts purchases Wirementor, you automatically receive your 50% commission.

You can view your generated purchases at any time on your Digistore24 account.

As you can see: it’s a great opportunity to generate passive income without having to create a product yourself and dealing with support!

The payment processing for Wirementor is carried out by the payment processor Digistore24.com which not only supports a variety of payment methods but also supports a powerful affiliate program.

If you already have a Digistore24 account, then simply replace the word AFFILIATE in the promolink below with your user name (your Digistore24-ID).

PROMOLINK for Wirementor:


  • PLEASE NOTE THAT you first need to apply here and get your application approved, otherwise you won’t get commissions
  • In the above URL, make sure you replace the word AFFILIATE with your own user name (your Digistore24-ID).
  • This personal promolink can now be used for your emails and advertising.

If you do not have an account with Digistore24, then simply click the following link: sign up for Digistore24 and register with Digistore24: (takes less than 5 minutes!)


How it works

The promolink contains your Digistore24 user name and the product number. When someone arrives at the website for “Wirementor”  via this link, they are “tracked” which means they are traced all the way through to the point at which they hopefully make a purchase.

This also works when the individual makes his or her purchase during a subsequent visit to the website due to a “cookie” being saved on their browser for identification purposes. The payment processor Digistore24 then recognizes your user name and automatically credits you the 50% commission.

If the purchaser clicks on the promolink of another affiliate, the commission gets paid out to the affiliate whose name is saved in the most recently saved cookie (so-called last cookie counts principle).

For this reason it is important your are upfront about your link being an affiliate link if you share it with your audience.

Promotion & Tips

Promotional Copy

Here below, you will find the official Wirementor promotional copy.

  • Feel free to use this copy or parts of this copy in your own promotional copy


Wirementor – the ultimate prototyping kit for E.Pro

Are you tired of re-inventing the wheel each and everytime you create a website with WordPress?

Or may be you are tired of having to first do the wireframes in one app, then design in another, and move on to create a complex responsive prototype before you can finally start re-creating the website from scratch?

We now live in the theme-builder era, and if you are using the very popular Elementor Pro, we’ve got good news for you!

How would you like to wireframe & prototype straight in Elementor Pro with a slick UI Kit with around 430 pre-styled items?

It exists, and it’s called Wirementor!

The smart way to wireframe and prototype with Elementor Pro.

  • pre-styled responsive Elements (widgets) with hundreds of variations
  • pre-styled responsive Blocks (sections) with light / dark variations
  • pre-styled responsive Layouts (pages)

With Wirementor, creating the full wireframe of a website in 45 minutes or less is a breeze.

Stop wasting time (and money): develop websites faster, save time (less time developing = more profit for you).

Stop re-inventing the wheel: make it spin with Wirementor!


Promotional Banners

Right click and save as

1100 x 1100 px – 01

1920 x 1080 px – 01

900 x 1350 px – 01


Please be upfront about your promolink being an affililate link and generating a commission for you.

But let them know that:

  • you only reference Wirementor because you believe in it (because if you don’t, please don’t apply to become an affililate!)
  • it’s not going to cost them anything extra

People appreciate honesty and transparency.

I’ve actually had some Youtube viewers asking me for such and such affiliate link because they wanted to make sure I’d get the commission! That’s what bring value to people can trigger!

Personal endorsement

Advertising works best when you can bring in your own experience. For example, if you’ve ever built a website, you know how long that can take. I mean if you’ve built a professional website.

By referring to this experience, and how Wirementor could help drastically reduce the time spent creating the website, as well as the outcome, you will be more credible.


Advertising Wirementor will definitely be more credible if you’ve used it yourself.
So I strongly recommend you use it.

But if you haven’t used it, at least take the time to view the videos I’ve created and posted on my website + Youtube channel on the topic.

Know the ins and outs. Be ready to answer to common questions about the tool.

Advertising Ideas
  • banners with your promolink on your website
  • blog posts with your promolink on your website
  • videos with your promolink on Youtube around wireframing and prototyping
  • social media shares with your promolink
  • helpful reference on FB groups for example when someone using WP asks the community about how to prototype / what is best for prototyping, etc.
Inner circle

The best advertising will often come from your own inner circle:

  • family
  • friends
  • colleagues / employees
  • your audience that trusts you

You can contact us by clicking on the Live Chat bubble at the bottom of this page.

We’ll be happy to help with:

  • Answers to questions relating to the partner program
  • Help setting up a Digistore account and the creation of the promolink
  • Individual content, for example online videos (we will send you the code to embed into your own website)


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